Questions and answers

We clarify the issues we are often asked about

Personalized offer

Due to the fact that the essence of our service is to create personalized jewelry according to customer requirements, we do not have a so-called standard offer. We work in such a way that the customer sends us an inquiry, to which he attaches a graphic file of the logo or other element he wants to incorporate into the jewelry, and on this basis we prepare a specific proposal along with a quote.

Standard offer

It is possible to choose cataloged jewelry from the offer of our brand Lemoniq®, which is directed to jewelry stores. Due to the breadth of this offer (more than 1,000 different designs), selected proposals from this offer are sent after prior agreement with the customer what kind of jewelry he is interested in, both in terms of form and budget. Of course, in the process of selecting models we offer our advice and share our experience.

Yes, we can send samples of our products. It is best if we know beforehand what areas the agency works in. We then select samples to correspond with the needs of potential customers – for example, the cosmetics industry, sports clubs, the hospitality industry, etc. Payment for samples is determined on an individual basis.

Minimum quantities are determined individually and depend on the model and the personalization to be made.

Lead time depends on what kind of jewelry we have to make and in what quantity. On average, it is about 2 weeks from design approval and order confirmation.

Yes, all the products we offer, both those designed from scratch for the client and those selected from our Lemoniq® brand catalog, are created in our workshop and are Polish products.

The bracelets we offer are always adjustable so that their size is universal. It happens that the group to which the gift is addressed requires that the size be slightly larger or smaller than the standard (for example, in the case of gifts for children) – then we produce bracelets according to this requirement.

Bracelets are the most popular product, but we also produce earrings, rings, pendants and cufflinks.

Yes, we create both jewelry for women and men. The masculine character of the jewelry is achieved, for example, by making the silver pieces more massive and more often oxidized rather than polished to a shine. Masculine character is also achieved by using, for example, a thicker cord or thong. We also often create advertising jewelry models in a style that fits both men and women.

Metal jewelry components are made of sterling silver. If we want to get the gold color of the element we can gild it. We can also make these elements from gold.

Yes, most often our products come with packaging, which is also personalized. However, if the customer prefers to do the packaging himself, we can, of course, deliver the products without packaging or pack the products in the packaging provided by the customer.

Jewelry-especially properly personalized-has great potential as an advertising gift in many areas. Our customers buy jewelry from us both as gifts and advertising gifs to give to someone, but personalized jewelry is also bought for resale.

Jewelry as gifting gifts can be used as, for example:

  • gift to the product (e.g., cosmetics companies),
  • welcome gifts for hotel guests,
  • anniversary gifts for the company’s employees and customers,
  • a gift when making major purchases (jewelry stores),
  • occasional gifts, e.g., for Women’s Day for ladies working at the company,
  • Gifts for participants of conferences, trainings, camps, etc.,
  • presspack inserts for journalists.


Personalized jewelry for resale often appears in:

  • sports club stores,
  • tourist sites,
  • museums,
  • stores in the hobby industry (music stores, pet stores, sports stores), etc.