How do we do it?


In personalizing jewelry, we suggest two ways:

  • creating your jewelry from scratch
  • selection from a catalog of finished products
owieczka będąca maskotką parku rozrywki Rabkoland - wykonana jako srebrny element bransoletki

We create from scratch

We suggest this route when the logo is to play a prominent role in a jewelry gift.

bransoletki z oferty firmy Lemoniq
We choose from the catalog

We recommend this route when branding is to be discreet and the gift more universal.

We create from scratch

We cut out the logo

In case the main element of the jewelry is to be a logo, we need to create it from scratch. In the case of bracelets, this is most often done by cutting the logo in silver. In this case, in order to obtain a golden color, the element made of silver was gilded.

bransoletka w postaci sznureczka ze srebrnym, pozłoconym elementem, który jest odwzorowaniem logo firmy PGNIG
We engrave

Often we also apply an engraving to the cut piece. This technique is useful when you want to show small details or place text written in a very small font.

Bransoletka ze srebrnym okrągłym elementem, na którym wygrawerowany jest napis Królowa w pracy.
We compose the logo with other elements

If you want to get a reference to the celebrated event (such as an anniversary), you can incorporate the logo, for example, into the date of the company’s founding – in this case, the sports club.

Bransoletka jubileuszowa klubu sportowego Ruch Chorzów. Srebrny element stanowi datę powstania klubu z wpisanym pośrodku godłem klubu.
We highlight the text

If it is in the form of text that we express our message – we can put it in the foreground, for example, by presenting it in convex form. In this case, the slightly oxidized element works very well in bracelets for men.

męska bransoletka motywacyjna z wypukłym napisem don't give up - umieszczonym na srebrnej blaszce
We combine silver with stones

The examples shown above of a simple bracelet with our personalized silver element on a string or thong are already an interesting and elegant gift that fits even a small budget. We can also play with additional elements such as natural stones. We can choose their colors and the qualities attributed to them to match the occasion being celebrated.

bransoletka ze srebrnym elementem w kształcie logo firmy Polski Bank Komórek oraz kamieniami naturalnymi w kolorach barw firmowych

We choose from the catalog

Looking for a matching model

We don’t always want our logo to play a prominent role. Sometimes we want a universal gift in which the logo is to be discreet. In such a situation, we suggest choosing a model from the catalogs of our Lemoniq brand, which include an offer aimed at jewelry stores.

bransoletki z oferty firmy Lemoniq
We engrave the logo on the decorative element

In this case, we can put the logo on one of the decorative elements – for example, on a heart-shaped pendant.

bransoletka z czarnymi fasetowanymi kamieniami z zawieszką w kształcie serca i wygrawerowanym tekstem Twoje Logo jako przykład gdzie na bransoletce można umieścić logo
We include a jeweler's tag with your logo

We can also include a typical teardrop-shaped jewelry tag, on which we will engrave our logo.

bransoletka z czarnymi fasetowanymi kamykami i typową jubilerską, srebrną metką w kształcie łezki z wygrawerowanym napisem Logo, jako przykład personalizacji bransoletki.
We personalize the packaging

We can also leave the jewelry completely without branding, and put the logo or our message on the packaging or inserts, for example, in the form of a dedication card. For example, it can be a perfect Women’s Day gift for ladies working in the company.

bransoletka z czerwonymi kamieniami i srebrnym, pozłoconym elementem w kształcie ażurowego kółeczka położona na karteczce z życzeniami - prezent na dzień kobiet